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Why It's Unwise To Manage Your Own Data Backups

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Does your company have a lot of crucial data to backup, and you've decided to manage this process on your own? This may not be the best idea when those backups need to be done properly. Here are some reasons why it is best to leave this job to the professionals.

People Can Make Mistakes

When it is up to people to manage a task that should be automated, you must realize that people can make mistakes and that the work may not be done when it is supposed to be. If someone forgets to initiate a data backup on time, it can lead to days or weeks of lost work because there is no backup in place when the data is lost. By using managed backup solutions, the entire task will be automated out of the hands of people that may forget to do it.

Mistakes do not stop at forgetting to make the backup, but recovering files that are accidentally ruined or deleted. If an employee accidentally saves over a file and loses data, you need a way to get back what was lost with ease. Without a managed solution, you can only recover what was in the last backup done by hand. 

You Never Know When Disaster Will Strike

The purpose of making data backups is to protect your data in the case of a disaster that you do not see coming. This can range from a fire that destroys your servers, an act of theft where your server is stolen, or even someone maliciously trying to destroy your data. There is no way to make a data backup in these situations right before the unforeseen event happens, which means there will be recent data that will inevitably be lost. 

A managed backup solution is going to always be running, even when you are not thinking about it. This leads to always having a current data backup when you find yourself needing to recover lost data.

Your Company Will Lose Valuable Resources

Any time that you have someone spend on managing your data backups is a valuable resource that is essentially lost. This is one type of job that can be handled automatically, and there is no reason why another employee should be delegated to a task that can be handled much more efficiently by a managed solution. Those employees will get back more of their time to work on tasks that cannot be automated, and potentially save you money in the long run.