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Common Laptop Repairs You Can Do Yourself

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Many people work on a laptop every day for several hours a day. If you are one of these people, you know that there are a number of problems that could make your laptop stop working properly. This can have a negative impact on your life, as you may need to work or communicate from that laptop. For more serious problems, you may have to take your laptop to get repaired by a professional company that has the tools and experience to do so. Below are some less serious laptop repairs that you should be able to fix by yourself.

1. Fan Malfunction. One problem that can occur is that the fan in your laptop may stop running. When this happens, you might hear a grinding sound or the computer may even fail to turn on. This can be an easy and inexpensive fix. It could be that the fan is still in great working condition but that there are dust and debris that are preventing it from functioning correctly. You can buy a can of compressed air, open up the computer casing by following the instructions in the owner's manual and blow out the fan and the surrounding areas with the compressed air. This will often remove the dust and debris that are clogging the fan and it will resume functioning once again.

2. Replacing the Keyboard. Another issue might be a broken or stuck key. If the keyboard is damaged, you should be able to easily replace it with a new key or keyboard. Depending on the laptop you have, this process could vary slightly and the new keyboard could vary in price. The main thing is to remove the laptop cover and remove the screws that fasten the keyboard to the rest of the computer. There will be a small cable connecting the keyboard to the laptop as well. You should take great care when removing this cable. Remove the keyboard and install the new one by reversing the process. This is fairly simple, but you will want to get more specific instructions for your specific laptop.

These are just a few of the issues that might plague your laptop. They are simple fixes and are a lot less expensive to fix yourself. Of course, for more serious problems, like a broken hard drive or water damage, you will want to take the computer to a professional such as one from Computer Exchange.