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4 Advantages Of Having An Electronic Flight Bag In The Cockpit

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Electronic flight bags, or EFBs, are being used in airplanes across the United States. They're essentially a special computer that is designed to be able to interact with servers all over the country so that the plane is able to maintain contact with ground control and keep track of weather readings at all times, in any altitude. EFBs require a special type of screen in order to make sure that their readings are able to be seen clearly, which means that they are going to be slightly more expensive than other devices. However, here are some reasons why having an EFB in the cockpit is worth it.

1. They Reduce Weight

If you need to keep track of all of the timetables, numbers, and codes that you are going to need for a day in the cockpit, you are going to have a great deal of paperwork. This can clutter up the cockpit and make it difficult to work in, as well as increase the weight of the plane. Because the technology will be able to reduce the weight of the paper in the plane, you will burn less fuel and save money over time.

2. Information is Always Up-to-Date

Sometimes, information changes mid-flight. This could mean that the weather shifted rapidly and certain airports aren't allowing planes to land, or that times might have changed. If you are always able to connect to the servers through an EFB, you will know these changes ahead of time and be able to plan for them. You will be able to reroute to different airports through instructions sent through the servers, and waste less fuel flying above the original airport, waiting to land.

3. Safety Issues Accounted For and Tracked Automatically

Another advantage is that safety issues, such as the amount of fuel in the plane, whether or not all of the doors are locked, and other features, are monitored by the plan's computers. The information that the rugged monitors record is displayed to the screen of the EFB, allowing the pilot to react more quickly to any problems, and allowing them to be resolved before they become critical issues. This improves the overall safety of the plane.

4. Allows for a Possible Increase in Payload

Finally, the EFB makes it possible to keep accurate measures of how much weight the plane is able to take without reducing its performance level. This will allow you to figure out if you are able to handle more cargo, allowing each flight to be more profitable than they were before.

For more information, talk to a company that is able to provide the screens and other technology needed to implement an EFB.