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3 Ways to Protect Your iPhone's Screen

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If you own an iPhone, you hopefully were smart enough to also pick up a case for it to protect its body in case you accidentally drop it. But most iPhone cases don't cover the front of the device in order to allow you full access to the screen. This could be a problem if you were to accidentally drop the phone and it were to land on the screen side of the phone. You could also damage your phone if something scratches the screen while it is in your pocket. Here are a few items you can use to prevent a cracked or scratched screen and keep your phone out of the iPhone repair shop.

Film Screen Cover

Some case companies also sell protectors specifically for your screen. These come in the form of a very small layer of film that you lay on top of the screen itself. It is so thin that you normally can't tell it is even there when touching the screen, but it will help you prevent nicks to the front of your iPhone if something goes wrong. These can usually be installed yourself, but there's nothing wrong with asking the specialist at the iPhone store to do it for you.

Glass Screen Cover

Glass screen covers are becoming more and more popular now that many iPhones today have larger screen then they used to. A glass screen cover is literally another piece of thin glass that you install on top of the existing piece of glass on the front of your iPhone. It goes on largely the same way as a film cover, but it provides much greater protection. The idea is that if you drop your phone, the glass screen cover might crack, but it will protect the layer underneath, the one that's actually part of your phone. These covers are usually more expensive and might require the help of a professional iPhone technician to install properly.

iPhone Belt Clip

Many of the small scratches that accumulate on an iPhone screen do not come from dropping the device, but from letting other items accidentally brush up against the screen over time. If you keep your iPhone in your pocket with your car keys for example, you might accidentally cause your keys or your loose change to brush up against the screen of the phone and cause a scratch. Many iPhone accessory manufacturers sell belt clips designed specifically for iPhones. These keep your device out of your pocket and out of harm's way. The belt clip often provides additional cushioning to protect the phone while it's in the holster as well.

If you want to give your iPhone some additional protection besides a standard case, take a look at the options available to protect the screen from damage. A film or glass screen protector could come in very handy if you were to accidentally drop your phone. A good iPhone belt clip will provide extra protection and also keep your phone out of your pocket where it could pick up scratches from your loose change or your car keys and other items. For more information, contact iFly Repair