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Solutions For When Your Computer Is In The Shop

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With the constant upgrades available in the computer world, a broken computer is almost not worth repairing. However, some people get very attached to a specific computer and/or operating system, such that an update upsets everything they do electronically. If this applies to you, there are a few temporary to semi-permanent solutions that will help you get your daily business finished while your favorite computer is in the repair shop.

Your Public Library

It is not the best solution, considering that you have to sit at the library all day to accomplish your computing tasks, but it is free and it is better than nothing. Most libraries limit your time to one to three hours, depending on how busy the computer area is. However, you can extend your time when it is slow, and take a break when you get kicked off during the busiest time of the day, coming back to finish later on.

Your Local CyberCafe

Usually, you have to purchase food and drink to use one of the cafe's computers, but since you have to eat at some time anyway, it is not a half bad solution. You will have to stay and eat and drink for as long as it takes for you to finish what you need to do on a computer.

Computer Rentals

Some computer repair shops now offer "lender computers". Much like an auto body shop lends out customer vehicles until the customer's own car is fixed, you can borrow a computer, for a fee, from the computer service shop. Your daily computing needs are covered until the shop calls you to pick up your computer and return the rental. For more information, contact a business such as National Computer Rentals.

The Rent-to-Own Option

Dozens of rent-to-own furniture and electronics shops have opened up since 2000, all of which offer a payment plan to own a new or used laptop or desktop computer. If you play your cards right, you can rent a computer for the first month, and then return it once you get your old computer back. Some of these rental chains offer customers the first thirty days to test out the new product to make sure it is what they want before they lock into the payment contract. If you find a rent-to-own chain that conducts business this way, you can "borrow" a computer from them until the repair shop calls you to come get your computer.

Two Other Limited, and Limiting, Options

If you have a very nice friend who is willing to lend you his or her computer for a short time, you could try this option. If you are a college student or former alum of a local college, you may also borrow one of their computer labs or check out a laptop from the campus library on which to work. The downside to these two options is that you will have to leave your friend's home at an appropriate time, leave the computer lab when it closes for the night, or return the laptop to the campus librarian by the specified time.