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How To Create A Squeeze Page That Captivates Visitors

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A squeeze page should make your offer so irresistible that everyone who visits your web page will want to opt into your email list. In order to make your squeeze page as irresistible as possible, you will need to make use of on page optimization, this means that the contents and images on your squeeze page should be as attractive as possible to your audience.  With so many squeeze page creators available, you don't necessarily need a professional web designer to build your squeeze page. However, you will still need to make use of best practices for building a squeeze page. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your squeeze page.

Offer An Email Course

Some internet users have become so used to squeeze pages they already know that you are only trying to capture their email address by offering them something for free and they will ignore your offer. Others are still wary about giving out their email address to anyone. If you offer them an email course on important information in your niche, you can justify asking for their email address, since there is no other way to deliver an email course but via email.

Make Use Of Color

The visual elements of a squeeze page are extremely important, so remember to use complementary colors on your page. You can find a color wheel online to help you to see which colors fit perfectly together.

Make Use Of White Spaces

Give your visitors' eyes some breathing room by using enough white spaces between the words on your page. If you tire your visitors' eyes, they will move on to another web page.

Use Directional Cues

Use an arrow or a series of arrows to point to your offer. This is a directional cue that helps the visitor to focus in on whatever you are offering.

Imply Scarcity

Tell visitors that your offer is for a limited time only. This is a psychological tactic that makes visitors fear missing out. Your visitors will be more tempted to opt into your email list and get your offer if they think they will lose out on the chance by delaying to opt in.

Using the right approach to creating your squeeze page will help you to enjoy a larger opt-in rate. This will ensure that you build a huge email list to which you can pitch your products and begin to make money. Remember to keep in touch with your list in between product offers, offering free advice and valuable tips, this will build the kind of trust that results in conversion whenever you do pitch a product.