Learning All About Computer Hardware Maintenance and Repair

What Is Your Hard Drive Telling You? Signs Of Potential Failure

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Few computer problems can be as disruptive as a failed hard drive. When the hard drive fails, everything stored on it typically becomes inaccessible. In cases of extreme failure, you may not be able to recover that data at all. The best option is to back up your drive every day to a cloud-based or independent backup system, but understanding the warning signs of drive problems may allow you the opportunity to copy your data and replace the drive before it fails entirely. Read More»

Solutions For When Your Computer Is In The Shop

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With the constant upgrades available in the computer world, a broken computer is almost not worth repairing. However, some people get very attached to a specific computer and/or operating system, such that an update upsets everything they do electronically. If this applies to you, there are a few temporary to semi-permanent solutions that will help you get your daily business finished while your favorite computer is in the repair shop. Read More»

How To Create A Squeeze Page That Captivates Visitors

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A squeeze page should make your offer so irresistible that everyone who visits your web page will want to opt into your email list. In order to make your squeeze page as irresistible as possible, you will need to make use of on page optimization, this means that the contents and images on your squeeze page should be as attractive as possible to your audience.  With so many squeeze page creators available, you don’t necessarily need a professional web designer to build your squeeze page. Read More»