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Take Control Of Your Tech: Managed IT Services To Make The Most Of Your Investments

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There are a number of ways a managed IT service can make it possible to get more from your technology investments. If you want to use more of your technology but don't have a budget, a managed IT service is just what you need. With managed IT services, you'll get faster, more secure, and easier-to-navigate systems with state-of-the-art features. Here are some of the ways managed IT services can help with your business's needs:

Hybrid Server Solutions for Your Business

Hybrid server solutions are a combination of physical machines with virtual machines. This is a way to consolidate data center capacity, improve server density, and reduce energy consumption.

A managed IT service can help you implement a hybrid server solution. A managed IT service provides both hardware and software support and installation, configuration, and management services, all at a single, predictable cost.

Migrate to a Cloud-Based Email Service

The email business has changed completely since the days when you could rely on your company's central IT department or a commercial email provider to deliver your email reliably, securely, and without interruption.

To ensure your business email services are always available, you might want to migrate to a cloud-based service. Cloud email services can provide your business with a more robust email solution for your needs. In addition, email services can be managed by an IT service to meet your needs.

Use a VoIP Based Phone System

A VoIP-based phone system offers many advantages over traditional phone systems. A VoIP-based phone system uses the internet to make phone calls, and doesn't use any wires, which means that you can place anywhere you can get a signal. A VoIP-based phone system also utilizes your accounts data, so you can access voicemail, call lists, and call history from any internet-connected computer. Managed IT services can help set up the VoIP systems, phone servers, and other communication solutions you need for your business.

Migrate Your Files and Apps

As more companies migrate their files, apps, and systems to the cloud, they strive to do several things: improve collaboration, streamline business processes, and reduce costs. But achieving these goals can be a challenge.

Managing files and apps is critical to your IT strategy. But it's often an afterthought. IT departments have to move data, transfer it to the cloud, and make it work. Developing and maintaining these capabilities is expensive and time-consuming, and companies often aren't satisfied with the results.

IT teams have to also figure out what to do when files or apps break. IT keeps systems and networks running smoothly, but users still need access to applications. How do you make sure apps and data are always available?

This is where managed IT services come in. With managed IT services, you can outsource some capabilities, freeing IT to focus on core business issues. When you need to get the most out of your technology, contact a managed IT service for help making the most out of investments in your business. Reach out to a managed IT service near you to learn more.