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A Large Network For A Home Business? 3 Signs Your Home Office May Need An Upgrade

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If you're like most people who work from home, your network probably only consists of a laptop, a wireless router and a wireless printer. While it might seem like you have all you need to operate your business out of your home, your small network might actually be costing you clients and money. Even home businesses rely on complicated network systems to keep ahead of the competition. If you haven't upgraded your system yet, following are three signs that your home office might need a hardware upgrade. 

Your System Is Slowing You Down

If your system is no longer able to keep up with you, it's probably time for an upgrade. As your business grows, you will automatically put more pressure on your system. If your server is strained, it will no longer perform as efficiently as it used to, which means your computer and all its process will slow down. If you find that you're waiting for your computer to catch up with you several times throughout the day, it's time to move to a bigger system and network. You may also benefit from increasing your internet speed. However, fast internet will still only deliver as quickly as your system allows it to. 

You Perform Complicated Processes

Safety is a primary concern of your clients, and it should be for you too. If you perform data-sensitive processes or several processes at once, you probably need a larger network in order to protect your system from hackers and to work more efficiently. This is especially true if you're ready to streamline your processes. For example, if you're currently performing several functions across several devices, you may be able to combine and streamline your work so you can use one computer for all your work. 

Your Competition Is Winning

As mentioned, your clients are concerned about their data and how safe it is. If they don't have confidence in your network, they will begin to work with people who have larger, safer networks. If you notice that your competition is pulling ahead of you technology wise, it's time to upgrade your system and build a larger network. 

There are many reasons to build a home computer network or upgrade your existing one. If you notice that you're losing productivity or if you are not able to keep up with your competition, it's time to call in the IT professionals like those from Creative Computer Solutions to set up a newer, more robust network.